Casinos online have been presenting live games for a number of years now, if you’re only just discovering this option, then our guide will give you all the information you need to know when it comes to playing roulette with a live dealer. Plus, info on the best casinos providing the gaming platform.

Casinos Providing Live Dealer Games

Getting the best platform is essential in many ways. Playing online roulette is indeed one reason, the others stem from having a legal site you can trust to provide a reputable service. How do you acquire the mist worthy of casinos? Here is a list of all the licensed casinos on the market to form a top 10 list based on their quality of service and outstanding features. The casinos offered to join are all legal sites holding the necessary gambling licenses to perform in South Africa and come certified as fair sites that tested the games independently to make sure that everything within the service is honest.

So, if you wish to experience roulette at its best and to play the many games with peace of mind, your first step is to enter the link above and decide which online casino will be losing a fortune when you sign up to play inside.

Playing Against the Live Dealer with Roulette

Roulette is the second most variant game option after the list of slot games that you will find within the casino. Of course, roulette cannot compete with the numbers online slots have, but with over 10 different forms of roulette made available by casinos online, it comes in second place. Roulette variants continue into the realm of live dealer play. There are many options to pick including the classics such as American roulette, French roulette and European roulette. The process of playing is the same throughout any roulette game, the prediction of outcome determined by the roulette wheel.

Roulette games in the section of a live casino are real tables that are streamed live and hosted by the dealer, the dealer will take your bets and do the wheel spin. Players in this arena are able to communicate with the dealer to further expand the immersive experience. This is the next best thing to actually being at the table for real and soon the market for this game will expand into the realms of virtual reality.

Why Live Roulette?

With real tables, there is no influence, there is no programming that determines what is won and when it is won. With real roulette tables, players can extend their experience within tournaments and play against others. With real roulette games, you have the convenience of playing from any device. There is also the added benefit that live roulette comes with some special bonuses which are made specifically for this feature.

Live roulette is not just about what the game offers to players at a base level, the live casino environment is about the experience itself. Whether you play double ball roulette, VIP roulette or no limits roulette, there is certainly more of a degree in excitement which digital games cannot replicate, and that is why live roulette is the experience you should be after.