The game of casino online keno applies the concept of gambling in which players pick numbers, cross their fingers and anticipate for the best outcome. Here, we take a swipe at the basics of this game of chance. For more on the online casino, visit .

Checking for Safety

We believe in safety first and so we think of you. The first step you should take before creating an account with any online casino is to ascertain that you will be safe playing at it. Check for the casino site's licensure. Any licensed casino is:

  • Recognized by the relevant authorities
  • Regulated by the government within the jurisdiction

In addition to the licensure confirmation, you should also verify if the casino is accredited by the independent auditors who check and test the games offered at the site for fairness. One such independent auditor is eCOGRA. Be sure to note if the casino site has their logo.

Choosing a Bet at Online Keno

There a re several ways of betting when playing at an online keno site. The three most common ones include a quick pick, way bet, and a straight bet. A quick pick is appropriate for betters who are short on time and are playing on a coffee break.

When applying a quick pick concept, the site picks 10 random numbers for the player hence sorting their bet instantly. Way bet, on the other hand, picks groups of numbers. However, you must stay clear of the fact that the strategy can be a little difficult to track.

Online Keno Offers and Bonuses

Nearly all casino sites have various freebies in the form of promotions and offer that they use to incentivize players. Keno also has special tickets for promoting their games. As you play, it is imperative that you keep an eye open to these freebies.

The incentives offered at online keno can help you get your feet wet with the game, giving you an opportunity to learn the ropes of keno and master the play table before you begin wagering for real money. The incentives, in this case, are in the categories of:

  • Signup bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • Free spins


Choosing a Keno Game

Given that keno is a sheer game of chance, all a player need to do is betting on a series of numbers using a wand and subsequently waiting to see if their selected numbers are hit. This can be both social and fun.

When choosing a casino site to play online keno, it is advisable that you take the time to first hang around in the chat rooms and be sure to play a couple of free games. This will be the surest way of ensuring that:

  • The site is ideal for your play
  • You familiarize yourself with the table

Online Keno Tickets

The payout at keno casino is usually influenced by four different types of tickets. As such, it is ideal that you consider which ticket will work best for you. The four main types of tickets at keno include the combination tickets, way tickets, split tickets, and straight tickets.

Combination tickets allow a player to bet in different ways on a single ticket. If you are gambling then this is the best option for you. Way tickets let an individual play over numerous tickets all at the same time. They are more exciting and generally cheap.